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Dear Friend,

y name is Mike Filsaime. I own a site called The-Best-Deal-Ever.com Everyday I make many many sales of that product. Do Not under estimate the power of a value based resale rights product in our market.

I have developed software that cost me thousands that does not sell any where near this product.

To this day it drives me crazy. I put up a silly website with some great resale rights products, a great navigation system to the sales pages... Next thing I know, it as making sales sometimes 30 to 60 per day!

People Started Hunting Me Down

Several times per day I was getting people asking me how they could get a site like that. It was not possible as I did not have Master Rights to all the products. (I even got  a phone call at my house at 2 a.m. one day)

I saw people try to make clones and they gave up. Just the members area could take weeks to set up! I felt bad as they really tried and spent days and were left with ugly sites that never even made it public.

An Easy Solution Needed to Be Made

I created a sales page template that converts at one of the highest percentages of any in the internet marketing arena. To see what the website looks like just go here.

Follow the 3 STEPS to see what this websites can do for you...


Step #1...

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to see the site I made that you can have too in 90 seconds and starting keeping all the profits...


How It Works

It easy!

 - Just upload the files in the package to your web site.

 - Then you just change the price to any price you want and add your payment link.
(You can even use the Paylock Paypal Button Maker that you have included in this package to make the payment button for you.)

Plus You Get This
Power Marketing Page
As A Free Bonus...

You can even use the page as a special just like I do for my opt-in pages and membership sites. I offer a one-time special discount at a lower price.


Step #2...

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to see the money I make using this secret technique...
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You see all of those $19 payments...


...that is because I use a special page just like this page here

Step #3...

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to see the sales page I used to get that great conversion...

I use that Secret formula to create urgency when someone's opts-in to any of my sites or memberships. I even include a page like this for you to insert when people opt-in to your ezine or membership sites.

     HINT:  A page like this will have you making all types of free services because this "one- time-offer at a discount" (after they join) can really convert and can make you some crazy money!

What About the Members Area and Support?

That may be the best part. I have an instant members are for you. You do not even need to spend days setting it up.

Did you know that a members area with high downloads causes many people to go over budget on bandwidth and lose their host? Sometimes they pay fees up to hundreds of dollars! I have a dedicated server so you will never have to worry. I can handle any amount of sales you can dish out!

All you do is point them to the members area I have set up after they pay you. How simple is that?! Can you see the profits already?

And the kicker, my help desk does all your support!


"I Rake In An Extra
$200 - $400 Daily..."

"Hey Mike, This is Jason Gazaway from HOME-BASED-BUSINESS-INDEX.com here. I just wanted to call in real quick and give you some feedback on what I've recently done with your "Total Resale Package" since I've added it to my website right after people subscribe, like on the thank you page.

I went ahead and umm, I'm offering it as a one-time-special deal, ya know, you'll never see it again kind of offer, for $19.95. And I've gotta say buddy, I'm thoroughly impressed! Just in the past 7 days I've made an additional $1900 in my paypal account.

It's great buddy, cuz every time I login and check my email I see 2...3...5 emails from paypal saying "Payment Received".. I LOVE it! I've been averaging about 10-20 NEW sales each day! Now, I'm just a regular 21 year old college guy myself, raking in an extra $200 to $400 daily my man. I couldn't be happier with selling your products! And the best part of it all? I'm getting kick-butt conversion ratios.

Now, I'm not talking none of that single digit crap. No way buddy, I'm talking in the teens. My best day this week was 18% conversion! And just from NEW subscribers! I've got to hand it to ya Mike. You know how to crank out best selling products.

I'm surely not gonna miss out on promoting ANY of your products anytime soon. I'd be a complete moron! Anyways, just wanted to let you know about my results and how happy I am to promote your products, especially the "Total Resale Package"! Take care and god bless."

Jason Gazaway

The Recap

You Get...

A complete Turnkey Website like this. Click Here

A Onetime Offer sales page template like this.
Click Here

No Download area need. You will just direct your customers to the membership area that I give you.
I even handle the support too!

You get to keep all of the profits of the sale and get your own affiliates if you want!

Well I know you are getting excited. Purchase now and you will have your website up and running in less the 20 minutes. It's that simple

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Please rush this incredible stuff RIGHT NOW! I can't wait to get my hands on these templates. I am ready to immediately get going and start making money with your "Great Offer"

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"Feel The Excitement Of Success!"



Mike Filsaime
President and CEO - MikeFilsaime.com, Inc.

P.S. Remember, you don't have to worry about support or setting up a membership area. We provide it for you. Just send your customers to the membership area we provide you. Plus we have great step-by-step help files to get you started.

P.P.S. If you do not have a website, we will host it for you FREE for ever ($25 installation fee). We even have an easy site where you just enter 4 lines of data like your paypal email, and your pages are created instantly.

P.P.P.S. (Limited Time) You get all of the products at
 The-Best-Deal-Ever.com included as a bonus!! Limited time!

P.P.P.P.S. Remember, I offer a 100% No Qquestions asked Full Money Back Guarantee.  One you have access to this site, you can start earning hundreds of dollars just today. If after you change your mind and for some crazy reason this is not for you, simple ask us for a refund and we will refund you within minutes. You have nothing to lose, all of the risk is on us so download this package now.


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